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Frequently Asked Questions

We have more than 100 developers at our desposal who possess the knowledge and experience in so many various coding languages. We can build any custom software from the ground up be it mobile , desktop or web based systems.

The answer is yes , we can teach you how to code as long as you can afford or posses the requied resources to do so. Basically you should posses a laptop and a stable internet connection

We train anyone who is seriously interested in learning how to code , we train non IT people upto recently graduates who want to be specialists in software development

Unfortunatley we dont offer any certifications , we just train you and prepare you for the industry , however we can assist you in finding the best institutions for certifications

Yes we are open for partnerships , we will only participate in a partnership after signing necessary documents and contracts

We are very much flexible and we accept all available ,legal (allowed) payment options

Our parent company originates in South Africa under the name Spike Technologies , but in Zimbabwe we operate under the name Protendai

This depends on your level of understanding when it comes to IT , for IT graduates we recommend atleast 3 months of training and for those who are new to IT we recommend atleast 6 months

We teach you right from the basics of computing (IT) information technology upto software development. For those who are not interested in code , they can simply stop after completing the basics of computing

We only allow persons over the age of 18 currently and there is no limit above this age. The reason being that we do not have facilities for minors at the moment.However if you would want to hire a tutor to homeschool your children simply call or email us